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True North

True North …

an internal compass

that guides me …

My fixed point

in a spinning world.

I am sitting here on our dock by the Saco River just outside our house and was inspired to share something with you. Summer is coming to a close here in Maine, so we spend as much time here while it is still nice. Come join me …

It’s early morning, there is barely any wind at all, and the river is still on the surface. The slow current is perceptible as the natural flow of the river continues to the ocean many miles down stream. The only activity is the fish reaching for the bugs sitting on the surface of the water. Every now and then there would be a snatch and then calm again. I moved into a natural meditation. And, this came to me to share with you …

When we sit in meditation, just like this experience of the river, we are slowing everything down. We have chosen to be still to then be able to perceive what is always, already here …

Peace … Stillness … Calm.

In the case of the river, we notice the slow current and the activity of the fish coming and going. As we sit in meditation, we notice the breath which is a “current of living energy” flowing quite naturally in and through the body. Being aware of this “current” slows everything down. We are able to perceive the thoughts coming to the surface. And, as we chose to remain with this current of living energy we are not being pulled into the thoughts and experiences. They just come and go.

As I am sitting on the dock perceiving this experience of the river, and sharing it with you now, there is another perspective to include in this picture.

So far, in this meditation, we are focusing on the breath, the current of living energy, as it gently flows through the body. Thoughts and experiences come and go on the surface of this alive current. Now, in taking it a step further we inquire, “Who is aware of this entire experience?” …

Well, "I-am” …

Yes, now bring attention to this sense of “I-am” …

Pause here for a moment.

We have stepped back quite naturally from the body … from our breath … from our thoughts and experience in this moment … simply abiding in "I-am" …

This is what my teacher called "That Which is Seeing” or "Pure Awareness."

So, you may be asking, what does this have to do with living day to day in and through my life situations?

How important would it be for you, to be able to be in the perspective of prior Awareness, in That Which is Seeing, when the current of life stirs up worrisome thoughts and experiences? It has been extremely valuable to me through the years. It has brought me to my True North.

True North …

an internal compass

that guides me …

My fixed point

in a spinning world.

I leave this with you now to contemplate and experience for yourself in this guided meditation process: “True North”

5.True North
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Blessings dear One,


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