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Are you interested in having a program created specifically for you or your organization?  If so, Let's Talk  and we can create together what best fits the needs of you or your group. 


The guided meditations below are for specific created programs.









Conscious Death, Dying & Beyond ...


"Abiding in the Inward Pull of the Heart"






"Being Held In Love's Embrace"







"Gracefully Freeing-Up Past Experiences"





Releasing Into the Light of God"





More Guided Meditations ...


The following meditations were customized

for various Programs and Retreats ... 



"Being Still "

In our fast paced lifestyle it is important to stop and be still to nurture yourself deeply - from the inside out. Meditation is a very effective tool for self-care.  This Meditation Retreat  has been created with this in mind.


In this Meditation Retreat, you will be given a way of Being Still in the “eye in the center of the storm,” which is absolutely still and free of any outside influences.  


This guided meditation "Being Still" is a self-care meditation that gently but directly guides you into this place of strength and confidence - peace and calm within you.  As you continue to use this meditation on a regular daily basis, you will also be learning how to access this place of peace and calm for yourself and continue remaining objective with what arises in your daily life. 


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An Inquiry Process


"There is a fixed state ...

sleep, dream and waking states are mere movements in it.

The pictures move on the screen, but do not affect it.

This is the true and natural state of being."

~ Ramana Maharshi

This natural state of being is the Radiant Heart.  In this guided Inquiry meditation, I invite you to relax into the process of opening and awakening as this One Heart lived here and now.  (25 min)

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Abiding in the Inward Pull of the Heart
00:00 / 19:37
Being Held in Love's Embrace
00:00 / 21:21
A Meditation- _Releasing Into The Light
00:00 / 15:27
Gracefully Freeing-up Past Experiences w_music
00:00 / 27:00
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