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Home is Where the Heart Is

Updated: Jan 13

Just sit there

right now.

Don’t do a thing,

Just rest.

For your

separation from God

is the hardest work in the world.”

Happy New Year!

How about this? … Let’s all be Free in 2023!

Many of us, I would guess, spent the holiday time with family and close friends. We may have even gone home to where we were brought up and were among familiar surroundings — one we used to call “home.”

Did we really feel these familiar surroundings and people as “home?” Or, was there maybe even some feelings of “Ahhhhhhhh it’s so good to be home” when we left and returned back to our present and more familiar surroundings? We might all agree —“No matter where we go there is no place like home?”

In this sharing with you, I would like to add another flavor to this conversation. Most of us have heard this saying, “Home is where the Heart is.” What is this “Heart” that is being referred to here? In the bible, Jesus said, “Where your Heart is, there your treasure will be also.”

A “treasure”?

Back at the beginning of my spiritual search for the true meaning of my life, I was definitely looking for this “treasure.” My life was not working as I thought it would. I was not happy. So, when I met my meditation teacher, I began to experience the true location of happiness and peace within me. Interestingly, it was not relying on my worldly situations at all. My meditation practice continued to bring me back to this true place within me, discovering for myself directly … Home is where the Heart is. It wasn't the physical blood pumping heart we are all familiar with. He called it our "Spiritual Heart."

Now, having made this discovery, if I wanted to be in harmony with what comes and goes in my life, it made perfect sense to continue this practice and not only obtain this peace in my daily meditations, but also have the discipline to keep up this practice in my daily life situations.

So, here I am, many years later. I was 30 years old when this discovery was made. I am now in my mid 70’s. It’s been an amazing ride. And, I am happy to say to you, I was able to stay on this track and be guided each step of the way from the Heart … my Treasure.

Let me give you a peak into the meditation process and how it works. And, I have included below a guided meditation for you to experience directly.

Here is a clue to begin the “treasure hunt.”

“I AM is my name and it shall be my name unto all generations.”

When we refer to ourselves we say,

“I am a woman or a man.”

“I am a mother or a father.”

“I am a doctor or a lawyer.” etc. etc.

Our focus goes to the woman, man, mother, father, doctor, lawyer. Does it not? We identify with who we are by the roles we play in life. Right? And, then we work to be the best that we can be in those roles. Sound familiar? I don’t know about you, but the roles never did satisfy me totally. Some I failed at miserably. And, I missed the treasure.

So, what if we moved our attention to this “I am” that is included in everyone of these above statements? What is this “I am?” Why not bring attention to this common denominator and see what happens?

“I am” … feeling “I am” … I am here … I exist …

Continue to simply feel your existence as “I am” and see what comes.

Experiencing “I am” … only …

Notice a warm glow in your chest … as “I am” …

This cozy, warm glow ... this is my true Heart ... It is self evident ... it is who I AM.

Simply rest here.

Welcome Home!

Blessings dear One,


[Note: The first quote was from the famous Sufi poet "Hafiz"]

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