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Shifting Attention Into Freedom

Thoughts are things.

What you think about grows.

You become what you think about.

Keep your Attention on what you want,

and, off of what you don’t want.

These words of wisdom came from my meditation teacher some years ago. I remember seeing, upon investigation, how my thoughts just come and go. It seemed I had no control as to what I thought or how to stop this mechanism.

I got it — it’s all about how to “control” my thinking process. Right?

No. Upon investigation, there was no controlling my thinking process. I was at the effect of what thoughts were coming and going in my life. I was like a puppet on a string. It was the beginning of my getting serious about meditating on a regular daily basis.

Do you remember the "I Love Lucy" show? (I am showing my age) The episode when she and Ethel were on an assembly line boxing chocolates? It was fine when the line was going slow. All was being boxed up and going well. They were in control. Then, the machine sped up and they couldn't keep up. Lucy began to eat all the chocolates that would not fit in the box. It was hilarious. Well, what would it have been if they could have been at the beginning of the assembly line? This is what it is to be at the source of thought. So ...

In my meditation practice, I discovered it was all about my choosing where to put my attention in every moment of Now. Do I get caught in the waves of thought coming and going? Or, do I realize what is prior to thoughts by inquiring and using these questions:

“Who is aware of these thoughts?”

“Isn’t there an Awareness that is aware of this thinking process, right now?”

Shifting my attention into Freedom …

In the practice of shifting my attention to that which is aware of the thinking process puts me in an entirely different perspective. I am stepping back — I am That-Which-Is-Seeing the thoughts and experiences coming and going.

I am in the Clear Space of Awareness.

I am not at the affect. I am free. I am being-the-Seeing.

Of course, this took a discipline of meditation each day, before I started my day and also being aware in my active lifestyle. My "attention muscle" grew stronger over time so I was more at cause rather than being at affect.

I invite you to take an honest inventory and observe where you are with this in sitting meditation and in life situations. How strong is your “attention muscle” with regard to being at choice as to where you put your attention?

Life is so much lighter and easier when we are able to stay in the truth of who-we-really-are and being free of the things coming and going in our lives. This perspective also taps us into the “Infinite Potential” that is available to each of us in every moment of now. Let’s work with this aspect in my next communication with you.

Right now, here is the guided meditation for you to experience for yourself “Shifting Attention Into Freedom” .

[To listen: drag and drop this recording onto your desktop.]

7.Shifting Attention Into Freedom
Download MP3 • 16.55MB

Many Blessings, dear One,


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