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Knowing the Bottom

Many of us are not aware of the sacred space within us, the place where we can reflect and contemplate,

the space from which wonderment can flow

as we look at the mountains, the sky, the flowers,

the fruits and all that is beautiful in our universe,

the space where we can contemplate works of art.

It is the place in which we make life choices

and from which flows our love for others.

~ Jean Vanier, the founder of L’Arche

My husband Steve and I have stayed many times in a little cottage by the sea in New Harbor, Maine which was owned by a dear friend. In the main room of the cottage, there is a big bay window looking out over the ocean. We took quality time in front of the window reading, relaxing and talking and also watching the lobster/fishing boats come and go.

This particular time we visited the sea was calm up until the last day when a “Nor'easter” came in with full force. Our host, Merle, was visiting us that day and joined us in watching the storm gradually build to an intensity. Merle has been a fisherman for many years and started talking about knowing the bottom of the ocean in a 150 mile radius over the area we were viewing. “What was knowing the bottom? I asked.He then went on to explain how after so many years charting the bottom for the different depths and places where the fish and lobster hang out, he can now see the bottom when he looks out over the ocean. So, his perspective of the storm was from the depths of the sea and he calmly saw the high swells as a natural part of the ocean’s character. At that point, I was being affected by the intensity and wondering if the water might come up under the cottage.

Then, something came to me ...

As we continue to give attention over to our True Self, we become very familiar with our base or “bottom.” And, from this perspective we can view our personal or worldly life situations or “swells in the ocean” from this calm depth.

Most of us were not trained to bring our attention into our True Self, this Living and Loving Presence within us. As I work with clients in meditation coaching, I am constantly reassuring them that through daily practice it becomes easier to bring attention back into this place until it becomes quite natural. Much like our friend Merle took the time to “practice seeing the bottom” until it became a natural knowing for him.

This place, which is the deepest in us all,

is the place of our very personhood,

the place where we receive the light of life

and the murmurings of the Spirit of God.

It is the place in which we make life choices

and from which flows our love for others.

Jean Vanier shares with us so clearly a place deepest in us all -- our One Radiant Heart -- from which we make life choices and from which flows our love for others.

As we are all aware, there is quite a storm happening overall in our world and it is requiring us all to move into this deep place within us in order to make choices and take actions that will be significant for ourselves, our family, our country and the entire world. And, most importantly, our present actions and decisions are setting the stage for our children and grand children.

Now, being guided from "knowing the bottom."

Being the One Radiant Heart
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Blessings dear One,


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