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Honoring the Unity of Being

The mind deals in opposites: good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, but the absolute stands above and beyond, in a realm where the opposites have not yet come into play. It is the realm of unity.

The unity of being. The being from which everyone and everything derives its apparently independent existence.

This unity of being is felt in each of us as the experience of love.

~ Rupert Spira

As a child, growing up in Canada, we all stood up in our classrooms and sang "God Save the Queen" before we started our day. Then, I didn't really understand why we were honoring her in this way, but it felt good to do this every day. I discovered as I grew older that Queen Elizabeth played a very important role in creating harmony in the governing process but until today I wasn't aware of the deeper context that her role represented for us all. Rupert Spira helped me to see the depth of this context in his sharing below. I felt to share it with you as well. May this perspective enlighten us all ...

Blessings dear One,


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