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Assumption of Confidence

"Assumption" ... "something accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof."

As I begin this communication with you this "assumption of confidence" is being applied. I am assuming, with confidence, that what insights that are coming through and expressing on this page will be of some assistance to whomever is reading it. So, we shall see what comes as we go along.

To introduce myself ... I am Elizabeth Young. I live in Maine with my husband Steve and our chocolate Lab, Nanda. We have only been married for eight years and are both in our 70's. Each of us have retired from a very active lifestyle. Steve has worked for over 30 years as a child therapist. And, I have worked for over 30 years as a meditation trainer and coach. Since most of what insights are shared on this page does come from where I am now, I wanted you to meet my immediate family.

Let's talk some more about "Assumption of Confidence."

Have you been in a situation, recently, that appears to be over your head, unattainable, gut wrenching, and leaves you feeling inadequate and disconnected with the inner strength you know is there? Or, you may have a friend or loved one that is having this experience and you want to be able to be with them and lend a helping hand?

The first step in being with this difficult situation is to assume that "yes" there is a strength within us all that can be accessed as "something accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof." This confidence can been accessed without seeing it with our naked eye or even experiencing it deeply in our gut as true. This kind of confidence is found in what we will call our True Self ... the heart and soul of us all.

How does one access this True Self?

The one thing that is amazing about our True Self is that it is easily accessible. It is "that which is seeing" whatever is being experienced in your body, in your mind, in your experiences of life.

Instead of just talking about this, let's access this "True Self" here and now ...

Begin by asking yourself this question ...

"Isn't there an awareness that is aware of what I am experiencing, right now?"

What is your experience from this perspective ... from "that which is seeing" your entire experience?

Isn't there a comfortable space being given to your experience? Notice a sense of calm and acceptance being felt as you relax into this that is aware ... as you remain in just pure Seeing.

Notice the acceptance that is present ... the confidence that is present to meet whatever the situation is.

Take a couple of deep breaths. Let this truth of who you really are in this moment sink in deeply.

This is your True Self, prior to and inclusive and accepting of what you are aware of.

Relaxing now in this moment. Pause here and rest in this truth of who you really are ...

[Take the time to experience this peace and calm present within you now].

I am happy to share with you today. Let's tune in together again through this medium.

I look forward to being with you. So many Blessings to you and yours,

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