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Be Still and Know ...

I think we can all agree that “life” is pretty crazy right now. It’s uncertain as to who or what we can rely on in our present authority figures for what direction to take. Where we have previously felt a security with the way things are managed in our government, in our financial system and in the overall direction it is taking us all globally, now, it seems to be like a house of cards about to collapse. Where do we go from here?

So, let’s take a pause from all of what is happening “out there.”

Let’s intentionally locate the “eye in the center of the storm.” This place of stillness and peace that is within us all.

Find a comfortable position in your chair … and close your eyes.

Watch your breath … flowing in … flowing out. Bring attention here. You have a choice as to where you put your attention. Choose now to simply watch your breath … flowing in … flowing out.

Now breathe in “I” … breathe out “AM” … good …

breathe in “I” … breathe out “AM …

Notice the Calm Presence coming up from within you … lean into this calm, cool, center of Peace … as “I-AM” …

This is the “eye in the center of the hurricane.” Remain here as the Seeing … the Awareness … of whatever is happening objectively in your thoughts … in your body … in your world.

Pause here … enjoy this calm, cool center of Peace … as “I-AM” …

As we remain in “I-AM” … we are a sovereign being … we are connected to the Wise One within ….

We are ready to ask ourselves … directly for ourselves …

What is life desiring right now,

wanting right now?

Where is life moving right now?

Pause here … allow the answer to come through … “Be still and know.”

And then you see it,

feel it,

put yourself in harmony with it,

and it's easy.

And when you do, life gets magical.

Things line up in a way you could never have imagined.

Doors open that you've yanked on for years, maybe decades.

Things that seem so unimaginably confusing

somehow life just manages everything,

orchestrates perfectly,

so that all of a sudden

it's right here

and no longer confusing.

~ Adyashanti

The audio guided meditation "Be Still and Know" is here for you to listen to:

Be Still & Know 1
Download MP3 • 10.16MB

Blessings dear One,


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Melinda Bern
Melinda Bern
Jul 05, 2022

This is so simple, direct and immediate. I am basking in a soft peace. ❤️❤️🥰

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