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A Shape Shifter?

There is always a moment

when you see

how you’ve bent yourself into a shape

that fits the people you’ve known

and you see how that has to stop

and though it’s not always easy,

that’s exactly where you begin

to find out

who you’re meant to be.

~ Flying Edna

My dear, how does this resonate with you? Are you one who has bent yourself into a shape that fits the people and situations around you? It is certainly humbling to see and admit, “yes, I am a Shape Shifter.”

It was in an old Star Trek program that I met the “Shape Shifter.” I was amazed watching how he shifted into whatever shape was needed in the situation. A lot of times it was to hide out so that no one would see him there in their midst. While shapeshifting he was able to find his next move that went along with everyone around him. It was amazing to see how he could maneuver in a situation. The people around him loved how cooperative and creative he could be in a situation.

This way of being with situations was somewhat successful for me. But, as it turned out, there was a whole new world to open up before me as I stopped shapeshifting and found out exactly where I was meant to be, what I was meant to do, and who I was meant to be with.

As we continue to access our True Self through meditation, clear seeing begins to occur and the Light of Pure Awareness shines through. We see clearly what is true for us — we see what Life wants to bring forth through us into our world.

There is integrity now with “what is true for me” and honoring my own sovereignty with whatever arises.

Here is a guided meditation for you. Click on the link and download for your use:

A Living Relationship with Your True Self 1
Download MP3 • 14.11MB

I honor that place in you, where the whole Universe resides,

That place of Love, of Truth, of Peace and Joy.

And, as you are in that Place in you,

And, I am in that Place in me,

There is not-two, there is only One of Us.

Blessings dear One,


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